Tuesday’s tea ~ insecurity

Today, I’m drinking Pure Leaf organic iced black tea with a hint of wild blackberry & sage. It tastes amazing! The taste is a perfect blend between strong and subtle. And it also has some sweetness but not too sweet.

There is a book by Alan Watts called, “The Wisdom of Insecurity.” It is about the philosophy that life is uncertain, and the best way to handle this is to embrace the uncertainty. He goes on about living in the moment as a way of easing anxiety.

So I was thinking about how life is full of so many uncertainties. There are so many things that we cannot now for sure, especially when it comes to the future.

It’s unpleasant not having the answers but perhaps that uncomfortable feeling is trying to tell you to stop searching so hard for those answers. Instead, let life happen to you. Trying to analyze everything distracts you from what is right in front of you.