QUIZ ~ What’s my spirit animal?

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Your spirit animal is livestock!

Now, let’s find out exactly what type of livestock your spirit animal is. Read the following questions and take note of your answers:

  1. How do you want others to see you?
  • (A) A nurturing soul who is kind to everyone.
  • (B) It doesn’t really matter what they think, as long as I’m not hurting anyone.
  • (C) Someone with a strong moral character who has all her stuff together; a high achiever.
  • (D) I just want to make people laugh and stay out of their way.
  • (E) Someone with a lot of passion and positivity.
  • (F) Someone who is always right.

2. What do you feel is your life purpose?

  • (A) I am here to heal people.
  • (B) I am here to have fun and simply do my best.
  • (C) I am here to go beyond my potential.
  • (D) I am here to shift people’s perspective.
  • (E) I am here to create art.
  • (F) I am here to get the job done.

3. What is your greatest struggle?

  • (A) I put others before myself too often, which can be draining.
  • (B) I can be overly self-centered, expecting others to do my work.
  • (C) I feel obligated to make everyone happy, which is impossible!
  • (D) I’m scared of conflict, I’ll change the subject with a joke.
  • (E) Sometimes I love too hard, overly expressive of my emotions.
  • (F) I refuse to give up on anything, even when it’s clearly time to let go.

4. What gives you satisfaction?

  • (A) Knowing my advice changed someone’s life for the better.
  • (B) Laying around and doing absolutely nothing!
  • (C) Winning a prize, such as a popularity contest, knowing everyone voted for me.
  • (D) Making someone laugh so hard that snot comes out their nose.
  • (E) Dancing around and feeling free.
  • (F) Finally accomplishing something, after years of hard work.

5. What type of film do you prefer?

  • (A) G-rated, family film or cartoon with a positive message.
  • (B) R-rated dirty and gory film with adult humor.
  • (C) A hero’s epic journey.
  • (D) Slapstick comedy.
  • (E) Romantic comedy.
  • (F) A fine balance between funny and serious, silly and mature.

6. How do you approach your goals?

  • (A) My inspiration is making the world a better place.
  • (B) I don’t really have any goals; I live in the moment.
  • (C) I use self-discipline to push myself if I’m not feeling motivated.
  • (D) I try not to take myself too seriously, don’t put too much pressure on myself or else I become overwhelmed and freeze.
  • (E) If my heart is in it, then I accomplish with ease.
  • (F) I get stuck on something and it nags at me until I’m finished.

7. How do you deal with an argument?

  • (A) It really bothers me when people are mad at each other, so I try my best to find peace and reach a compromise.
  • (B) I stay out of the drama by making a joke out of everything. I’ll use self-deprecating humor as a way of apologizing.
  • (C) I handle everything in an adult manner, never raising my voice or acting out. I prefer direct, civilized conversations.
  • (D) Sometimes I get a little heated or wound up. But generally I will try to play dumb or change the subject.
  • (E) I need space to deal with my emotions, and then I will come back and express how I’m feeling.
  • (F) I cannot agree to disagree. I will never budge on my stance.

8. What is your sense of humor?

  • (A) Cute and corny.
  • (B) Potty humor and gross stuff.
  • (C) Sophisticated and witty.
  • (D) Eccentric and goofy.
  • (E) Loud and playful; imitation.
  • (F) Dry and sarcastic.

[OPTIONAL BONUS QUESTION]: And lastly, why did the chicken cross the road…?

  • (A) To get to Old MacDonald’s farm.
  • (B) I prefer knock-knock jokes.
  • (C) I thought it was, “a horse walks into a bar…”
  • (D) To get to the other side… duh.
  • (E) To run away from his feelings.
  • (F) Because.

Ready? Answer key below!



CLICK HERE to look at the description of your results!


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