Dollar store haul ~ HALLOWEEN decor

One of the best parts about Halloween season is the spooky atmosphere! As a little girl, I would always insist on getting new decorations every year because we had to have the coolest and scariest house on the block — it was a must!

I recently took a trip to the dollar store: on the hunt for some festive decor. I was not disappointed. The dollar store is the best place to find a cheap surplus of halloween decorations. You won’t find anything crazy like fog machines or strobe lights, but you will certainly stumble upon some hidden gems…

Orange-and-black garland ~ you can get creative with this: hang it up, drape it across, wrap it around…

Halloween wall hanging ~ this could go for like $20 at Target

Witch sign ~ how do I join?

NO TRESPASSING tape ~ this is perfect for doors

Skeleton hanging ~ this thing creeps me out

Skeleton hanging ~ same thing except this one is cute

Skeleton wine glass ~ feel fancy while you drink vampire blood

Pumpkin hanging ~ that classic jack-o-lantern face

Spiderweb ~ looks like this purple widow caught a cat in her web…