Speak Now

I could always dance in front of a crowd
I could always sing to them so loud
But I always seem to shut down
When I try to speak

I can speak with my body, my face, my eyes
I can speak with laughter, speak with smiles
I can write out the words, so swiftly with ease
Yet the mouth cannot speak

I grew up and grew sick of all of the mocking
Adapted to a world that cannot stop talking
Disguised myself now as a social elite
But social anxiety will forever be my defeat

People come up to me asking for favors
Taking advantage of my quiet nature
They want someone who listens, it’s so unfair
Cause I know they’re mooching, I know they don’t really care

Yet when there’s someone I’d like to talk to most
I plan out the words but then I lose my voice
You can misunderstand me, like I’m not even trying
When you misunderstand me, I feel like I’m dying