Goals & ideas for 2019


One of my greatest passions is writing, but it’s hard. It’s hard to stay inspired enough to keep up a blog. It’s even harder to be vulnerable and open enough to express myself in totally honest ways for the world to see — still that comes with a therapeutic rewards of releasing pent up energy. So it’s definitely something I want to keep up with. Going to try more 30-day challenges. My goal is not going more than a week without posting. Please contact me if you have any writing ideas.


I am always trying to read more books but I always end up getting halfway through something and then moving onto the next without finishing the previous one. I want to finish at least one book a month. And then hopefully write a good review about it, if it was worthwhile.

Clean sweep

This is really something I want to do before 2019 even begins, or at least get started with. I want to go through all my things and get rid of anything I don’t need. Clear out all the old energy of previous years.

Specifically I would like to discard all products with highly toxic ingredients, this mainly applies to beauty/hygienic products and cleaning supplies. I want to not only invest in more natural products, but also try more DIY concoctions.


I’m really trying to prioritize healthy eating on a budget. Going to give growing my own fruits and veggies another try (keep in mind I live in an apartment, not on a farm…), also purchasing them in frozen/powder/canned/juice/etc. form which saves a lot of money. Also, I want to do more cooking from scratch, as opposed to wasting money on expensive takeout or eating processed microwave meals.


I do a lot of yoga and stretching, a practice I want to continue expanding on. A few years back I started hula hooping — I’d really like to learn more tricks and buy myself a personalized hoop (something a little bigger and easier to use than the cute ones they sell at Walmart designed for children…). I have seen so many incredible hooping videos on Youtube! And music festivals are full of so many talented hoopers! And I also really want to get into ballet again because I really miss it!


Yet another passion of mine is photography, which I would like to do more of in 2019. I have a good camera that I lost a while ago, which I must find, I know it’s laying around here somewhere. Nature is my favorite place to take photos because it’s just so beautiful and always photo-ready. I enjoy taking pictures of myself, and it’s really not in a vanity way, it’s truly a way of expressing myself when I feel lost for words. Photos that I share of myself are not just something to look at, they have stories behind them, it’s supposed to be artwork.

Comment if you have any goals for 2019…

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