Sorcery in the city

Laura Sofia and I spent last weekend at Connie’s place in Philly. On Friday night we went out and met up with Gabby, who I haven’t seen in so long! Then on Saturday afternoon we headed out on a “Harry Potter bar crawl” adventure that lasted into the night.

The first stop for the Harry Potter Bar Crawl was the Raven Longue which was the perfect way to start; it had a lot of character and totally set the vibe. So much Edgar Allen Poe.

I drank a “unicorn blood” cocktail and a butterbeer shot, and both of them were super delicious.

That was a great start, and then we eventually made our way to a few different bars which all had cool Harry Potter specialty (and discounted) drinks.

And then on Sunday, Laura Sofia and I headed back to D-town. We went to the market while Kevin was working and enjoyed some fall festivities there: corn maze, hay ride, and a caramel apple.