BIG DUB 2018

My fourth time at Big Dub Festival was fantastic. It only gets better every year. I arrived at the music festival with Kevin, Laura Sofia, Bree, Jaz, and Mel on Wednesday, with Jordan and Todd joining us the following day.

dan and Todd joining us the following day. After nearly finishing a strenuous setup in the burning heat, it suddenly poured buckets of water. We hid for shelter but the rain was getting into our tent, so we had to adjust it while getting muddy and soaked. There was a huge puddle at the edge of the tent forming. Everyone took a nap, and three hours later, the sun came out. We had all been thrown into survival mode so soon after getting there. That’s what is really great about camping because you forget about your unnecessary problems and just focus on being alive.

I tried dying my hair pink right before Big Dub, but it failed. I still rocked a lot of pink on the first night with my ballerina raver outfit!

The environment at Big Dub is captivating; people’s creativity truly shines through. I am a huge fan of the glow up giant mushrooms, which I see every year. Something new I noticed this year was the Mad Tea Party table! So cool!

Laura Sofia put glitter on my face — her secret trick is aloe vera gel to hold it all together. Kevin is not a fan of glitter “because it gets everywhere” but obviously that didn’t stop me. 😜

We were lucky that it didn’t rain for the rest of the trip. As always, the people were friendly and the vibes were good. All of the DJs sounded awesome, with Caspa closing the last set on Saturday night.

Peace, love, & big dub! ✌❤🦄