30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 1

Day 1: Name – its origin, its meaning, how you feel about it…

Hi! My name is Laura Cyrena.

I do enjoy my name. “Laura” has a Latin origin and means, “laurel-crowned princess.” “Cyrena” has a Greek origin and means, “sovereign queen.” So, essentially, put it all together and you get “queen of all princesses.” Or something like that.

My name also has ancestral meaning. “Laura” is named after my great aunt Laura on my mother’s side, while “Cyrena” is named after my great-grandmother on my father’s side.

I like the fact that my name has meaning to it and it’s not just random. The only issue is that “Laura” is such a common name that oftentimes people have the same name as me (like one of my best friends, Laura!) I prefer “Laura” over “Lauren,” which seems to be even more common of a name. Sometimes I would wish that Cyrena was my first name, but then again, it would be hard having such a rare name that people don’t know how to pronounce. So overall, I’m very content with my name.