Kitty’s Favorite Spots

Cats seem to have a knack for finding the strangest places to get comfortable in. Since moving into the apartment, Venus has found a few go-to spots for cat-napping.


The closet is actually Venus’s bedroom. She likes to jump up into the cubby and lay down on the second-to-bottom shelf. That way she is up high enough to feel safe, but not so high that she’s too scared to jump back down. She turns the clothing into her blankets. Very comfy, indeed. It’s also nice and dark in there.


Another popular choice for Venus is the bathroom. This is her second bedroom. It’s nice and dark in there as well, until someone rudely barges in and turns on the lights, then obnoxiously makes a lot of noise by flushing the toilet and running the sink. Umm, excuse me? I’m trying to rest here. Go away.


Every cat knows that sitting by the window is where its at. That way you can people-watch or dog-watch, or even bug-watch if you’re lucky. Can’t miss out on all that exciting action. And yes, her body looks quite strange in this photo.


Recently, a chair has been placed in the middle of the room. Why? Who knows. But this is the ideal opportunity to find a new spot to chill at.


And of course, my favorite spot of hers is when she sits at the end of the bed. But why is it that cats always insist on sitting at the end of the bed instead of right by your pillow?

Every day brings new opportunities to lay in new spots… who knows what she will come up with next!