Big Dub Festival 2017


For our third year in a row, Kevin and I attended Big Dub Festival. The campout music festival is located in… well, basically the middle of nowhere. More specifically it is located in southwestern PA, bordering Maryland and West Virginia. The environment is filled with unfinished dirt roads as well as breathtakingly beautiful mountains.

Kev & me

The campsite itself takes place on Four Quarter Farm, a pagan interfaith community that celebrates nature with rituals and ceremonies that observe moon phases, changing of the seasons, etc. And during the last weekend of July, people from all over the east coast join together for an epic music festival.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 4.59.55 PM

The festival is full of good music, pretty lights, and friendly faces. There are four stages: stone circle (the main stage, literally surrounded by a circle of gigantic stones), pavilion, north crook (new stage this year), and the pirate ship (my personal favorite!)

The pirate ship! Dead men tell no lies!

There are three places to camp: Main Camp, New Camp, and Hilltop. Obviously, Main Camp is the main area where the four stages are located. Many people choose to camp here and the location consists of several “theme camps,” including themes of Star Wars, Candyland, and Gnomes (there’s no place like gnome…)

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 4.59.37 PM
Kandi bracelets

The first year, we camped at Hilltop. It’s located furthest away from Main Camp. The mile-long walk is strenuous but luckily there is a bus that shuttles campers back and forth. Hilltop is exactly what you think: a giant hill… which makes it hard to camp there during the summer heat with no trees for shade.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 5.00.18 PM
Kikiwawa, the official mascot.

This year and last year, we chose to camp at New Camp. It is much more woodsy and secluded than Hilltop and Main Camp. It’s a great setup because you are very close to Main Camp, but far enough so that you can get some peace and quiet when you need it. The only drawback is that in order to walk to Main Camp, you must cross the river by stepping over rocks. The rocks are slippery so you can’t walk over it too fast, however there is no room for the people behind you to pass, so you still need to walk fast enough. It’s a lot of pressure, in my opinion. They were supposed to build a drawbridge this year, which would have been perfect, but they didn’t…

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 5.00.07 PM

The weather was awful on Friday. It rained pretty hard – all day and all night. By Saturday morning, the rain had ceased and the weather was cool and dry. But sadly, the river between New Camp and Main Camp had flooded, so we were trapped. Luckily they ran a bus that drove us from New Camp to Hilltop, and then from Hilltop we were able to walk or catch a bus to Main Camp. The bus ride from New Camp to Hilltop was actually very fun and the bus driver was hysterical, making lots of jokes with us.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 5.00.33 PM
Driving home

On Saturday night, Liquid Stranger did a spectacular performance at Stone Circle. We had a really great time and met a lot of friendly people. I was a little bummed I missed the performances Friday night, but other than that it was an amazing time. Hopefully we can return to the mountain next year. If so, we may try camping at Main Camp instead. In the future I would like to attend other camping music festivals and see how they compare. Four Quarters Farm hosts two other music festivals (Flower of Life and Mad Tea Party). However I have a strong feeling that nothing compares to Big Dub!