New apartment

It has almost been a full week since I moved into my new apartment with Kevin. It has been an awesome adventure so far. Our studio apartment is a bit small, but I see it as a deluxe dorm room, which makes it feel huge. Although it feels like a big change, in some ways, it doesn’t feel all that different. I have been (sort of) living in Doylestown for a few years now. Since college, I’ve been adjusting to living on my own and handling my adult responsibilities. The apartment complex seriously feels like a much nicer dormitory hall. It has a gym, a library, a post office, and a main lobby with free Wi-Fi. The main difference is that most of my neighbors are seniors in their 80s, instead of college kids. The seniors are much quieter. I have spotted neighbors who are around my age, although they are rare.

We still have some more work to do. I have a few boxes left of stuff that needs to be put away. It’s so hard trying to figure out where everything should go. We also need to get Internet, still. We put it off because we were unsure of what type of package to get. The hardest thing I’ve had to adjust to this week is not having Internet access. The free Wi-Fi in the lobby is nice, which is where I am now. Without cable or Wi-Fi, trying to relax and watch a show has been our greatest struggle. So far we are surviving on DVDs. I think we’ll manage…for now.

I was very worried about my kitten (who turns 1-years old next week!!!) adjusting to such a small space. She is doing better than I thought. She is a very social cat and simply enjoys having company. We let her out on the porch a few times, but we had to put her on a harness/leash. Unfortunately the way the porch is designed makes it easy for her to run away or even accidentally fall off. I would love to get a better harness/leash for her and take her hiking!

Looking forward to settling into the apartment and exploring new parts of Doylestown. I will be sure to update my job situation in an upcoming blog post…