Last week I visited Kevin in Delaware while waiting to hear back from the places I interviewed at. We went on many walks at different parks. The cold weather makes it hard to get outside but luckily we had a few warm days. One of the places we went to had horses. Only two of them came up to us. They are beautiful creatures, yet so resilient. Their size and strength is intimidating.

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Kevin got more practice rock climbing. He got all the equipment he needs for Christmas and he has been practicing ever since. He’s getting pretty good at it. I’m glad he’s very cautious about it and he knows his limits. He wants me to join him but I’m not too interested in trying it myself. I’m sure he will get me to try a bit of climbing at some point.


I was very relieved to hear back from the animal shelter I applied to. I had another interview today and on Wednesday I will go in for training. I haven’t yet heard back from the animal hospitals. I’m looking forward to having a job again so that I can have a routine instead of waiting around anxiously.

Next weekend I’ll be visiting Kevin again because we are interested in going to an interactive dinosaur exhibit that will be near his hometown temporarily. I already really miss him!