1 month ago I was prepping for finals and worrying about passing all my classes. Now I am sitting at home, completely moved out of my apartment. Moving out was quite the process, even though I had only technically resided there for 6 months. My roommate had been living there with another friend for the past 3 years. I started sleeping over there quite frequently about 2 years ago. So it certainly feels like a home of mine for much longer than a mere 6 months.

The week before Christmas, I spent my time packing up my personal items and spending quality time with my roommate before she made her departure. Following Christmas, there was a lot of junk left behind that I had to get rid of. Thank goodness Kevin was there to help. We completely overfilled the dumpster. Moving out is such a drawn-out process. Just when you think you’re finishing up, more junk seems to pile up. Finally, the very last day of 2016, the place was totally cleared out.


I drove to Delaware with Kevin the night of New Years Eve and spent a few days at his house. It was really fun to spend time with him before I came home. He is going to come visit me this weekend and bring back a few things I wasn’t able to fit in my car. And then from there, I suppose we will have to take it one week at a time. I’m used to seeing him practically every day. Luckily we are used to distance. After he left Del Val 2 years ago, we learned how to find ways to still see each other as much as possible. The only difference is that he was just one hour away… now we have three. We don’t know what our work schedules will be. For now, all we can do is take it one week at a time.


I’m not surprised that I’m sick right now. I was so proud of myself for avoiding sickness this entire fall season, when everyone around me was wheezing. I know for a fact that stress is extremely damaging to the body and lowers your immune system. Getting sick in college seems inevitable, mainly halfway into the semester when everyone starts freaking out about grades. So I made a real effort to keep my stress levels low and I avoided flu/cold season like a ninja.

But sometimes stress is impossible to avoid. Going through major changes like moving out, graduating, and switching jobs all at once is very stressful. Now I’m feeling terribly sick. The past month has consisted of too much traveling and life changes to handle. Hopefully today is when things start to settle. No more traveling, time to rest.