Last week I turned 22! My birthday was on a Monday, but lucky for me I have off on Mondays! I celebrated by going hiking/climbing at High Rocks with Kevin. It was a little scary and a lot of fun. We came home for a much-needed nap. Afterwards, we ordered takeout from Bertucci’s because I’m not a big fan of eating out. I don’t hate going out to eat, it’s just a little uncomfortable for me and so I would rather eat at home. The pizza was delicious and they also gave us free rolls with a spicy oil dip.

The weekend right before my birthday, my friend Laura G. came to visit from LI. She was my first roommate at Del Val, freshmen year. (Barness 111!) It was so great to see her again. A few other friends also visited last weekend and the apartment was packed! We had fun at Peace Valley.


On Saturday night some of us went to Poco’s for drinks and chips/salsa. I had a delicious pina colada!


And now the semester is finally wrapping up. Tomorrow I have an exam, on Wednesday I go home for Thanksgiving, and then there is only 1 full week of class before finals. And I only have 2 finals!