Canoeing Adventure

My boyfriend Kevin recently bought a fairly priced blowup-canoe for us to use. We do a lot of hiking so we were looking for other things we can do outdoors. Kevin had only been canoeing once when he was about 12 or so on a family vacation. I have done a lot of kayaking growing up, thanks to my aunt Nancy and uncle David! We always go kayaking on family camping trips. However, I think it’s been a few years since I have been on a kayak and I have really missed it.

So we went to Lake Nockamixon and canoed for about 2 hours. It was scary at first because we thought it might deflate and tip over easily. It was actually very sturdy. We weren’t able to go as fast as an actual kayak, but we still picked up some speed. Being out on the lake is truly an amazing feeling. I was a little nervous about canoeing (even a little worried I’d get bored or too tired), but once we got out there it was such a blissful moment of peace. For anyone who has never gone kayaking or canoeing, I highly recommend it!

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It’s that time of year when everyone is starting to really stress over classes. Luckily with my half-semester, I feel way more at peace. But the stress is certainly contagious. Just hearing other students talk about how stressed out they are makes me feel stressed. My clinical pathology class is the toughest. What makes it worse is that the woman who teaches the class is lazy and confusing. Everyone complains about how hard she is to deal with. I appreciate teachers who care about their students doing well – but this lady does not care when her students fail because it’s not her problem.

I was feeling really good this morning… just one of those good moods that hit you and you have no idea how long it’ll last. After coming home from class and getting on my laptop, I started feeling extremely anxious. I can’t really explain why. Part of it was feeling sort of lonely – most of my friends are so busy and wrapped up in their own lives these days. But I was also thinking about the election. People are beginning to rip each other apart on Facebook and that makes me really sad. The presidential election is no excuse to be rude to others. According to a recent article I read, never in U.S. history have presidential candidates been so hated. Both Trump and Clinton are painted as monsters who will ruin our country somehow, someway. I am sick of all the fear. These are just two people with two agendas. I’m still not registered to vote and I’m starting to think I do not want to be involved in something that causes so much hatred. Maybe the USA is just too damn big. Too many conflicting opinions. Ideally, I would want a presidential candidate that every single citizen had the chance to meet face-to-face and have a real conversation about our country. Instead, we rely on a bias media to tell us who to vote for. I think you can tell A LOT about a person by simply being in their presence.

Anyway… enough political rambling… my point is that I was feeling really anxious earlier today. I texted Kevin and told him how I was feeling. He suggested I take a short walk by myself. I thought that was such a perfect idea. I live at Fonthill apartments which is located right next to Fonthill castle. So I walked down the woodsy trail that leads to Fonthill castle and to my surprise, my worries melted away. It’s amazing how therapeutic nature can be. No one else was around, so I just sort of let go and explored. I even did a cartwheel, knowing that if someone happened to walk by right then they would definitely judge me for being weird. I walked, I meditated, I climbed, I jumped, I even fell down. I didn’t even care. I laughed.

The presidential election reminds us that there is a lot of hate in the world. It reminds us we are seriously living in a war zone where anything can happen. All of those people feeling that hate, I want them to take a solitary walk in nature and let themselves be healed. Let them feel the freedom of no longer being restricted by time or judgement, even just for a brief moment. My nature walk today reminded me that our world needs nature, and I will always fight to protect this earth.