Cat Enricher

I signed up to be a Cat Enricher at Del Val for the semester. Cat Enrichers provide care and enrichment for the lab cats at the college. I was a cat enricher during my sophomore year and I really enjoyed it. The following year I volunteered at a cat shelter (Cat Tales) about 20 minutes away from school. It was awesome but the commute was too long to keep up with. Then, the following year was when I got hired to work at Paws-itively Healthy. Now that I’m taking a break from work to focus on school, I still have some extra time to do volunteering again. Working with dogs was a wonderful experience but it really made me miss working with cats. So I’m super ecstatic about getting my cat-time again.

Throughout college I have always been thinking about what to do with my degree and what type of career path I’m looking for. I have been keeping my plans open on purpose because I don’t want to close myself off from something that could be perfect for me. Yet I still need some kind of direction. My two main interests in small animal science are: behavior and care. For a while I’ve been debating between training and care taking. After taking my small business management class, I’ve been inspired to start a small business of my own someday. I really enjoyed that class, it was an invaluable experience. Though I know I would have to be much older with a lot of money and a lot of land before I could do it.

If I started a business it would definitely involve cats/dogs. Some ideas include boarding, daycare, or breeding. But as of now my favorite idea is opening my own animal sanctuary. When it comes to saving animals, I think that would be my best way to do it. There is such an overpopulation of companion animals that shelters are euthanizing ever day. And if I had enough years of experience as a veterinarian technician, I could save on vet bills by performing (simple) procedures myself. So until then, I can gain vital experience working with animals in shelters, kennels, labs, and vets. I’m really excited about my future career path, mainly because I can’t say for sure where it will take me. As long as I can help the world.

Last Saturday I went on a small hike with my boyfriend Kevin. We walked a trail about halfway until we realized it was actually a bicycle trail. That explains all the hills and the twisty turns. We wanted to walk by the dam but it was closed off since it’s a drinking water source. Kevin is going to start working at the market again! Today we have off for labor day, too bad I already have Mondays off, so it makes no difference to me.

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